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Hot and Green: Tropical Gardening 101

tropical garden

A tropical garden is a garden that features tropical plants, literally. This type of garden requires a good irrigation or water supply for the plants to grow well and healthy because of the weather condition in tropical countries. It is usually hot and humid in these countries.

The tropical garden showcases plants that usually have large leaves or those that grow in height which makes maintenance quite difficult and time consuming. Like any other garden types, tropical gardens need specific attention and meticulous care to be healthy and beautiful.


As mentioned earlier, the maintenance for a tropical garden is quite hard. There are various aspects and features of the garden that should be well-maintained and taken care of in order for the garden to be healthy and will not stunt the growth of the plants or the plants will dry up and die. The conditions of the garden should be adequate or much better if at the optimum for the types of plants you plant.

Water is very essential for the survival of living organisms, may it be plants or animals, in this planet. Because of the humid and hot weather conditions in tropical countries, plants dry up easily. The water requirements for tropical gardens are quite higher when compared to other types.

Keeping a Lively Garden

Keeping the health and beauty of your garden plants is the key to an awesome garden. Every single plant in a garden serves as its life. Therefore, it is a must that we should focus on how to make the plants healthy to achieve a successful and gorgeous-looking tropical garden.

Consider the Soil

First of all, we should always consider the soil where our plants are in. Tropical plants need some big amount of water and still requires a soil that is well drained and can hold or retain moisture for quite some time after watering. It is also best to measure the acidity of the soil for purposes like fertilizer application.


Water is essential for the plants in a tropical garden because they need water for photosynthesis to take place and they can be able to produce their own food. The hotness, dryness, and humidity in tropical regions require plants in a tropical garden to need more water to prevent them from drying up.

Adequate Sunlight

Plants have the ability to manufacture its own food through the process called photosynthesis. The main “ingredients” for photosynthesis to take place are carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. When one is not sufficient or is absent, the process of photosynthesis is greatly affected. It is best that the plants receive enough sunlight throughout the day to make it healthy and growing.


Sometimes the soil in our garden does not contain enough nutrients for the plants to grow healthy or if the minerals have been depleted and consumed by the plants. Manure or compost is organic fertilizers that can be used in place of commercial chemical fertilizers if you want to go natural.

May these tips be helpful to you in maintaining and keeping a beautiful, healthily green and blooming tropical garden.