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Vertical Garden: A New Way to Garden

If you are living in a condor or apartment where there is limited space for your garden, then vertical gardening isthe best option. Using frames and supports, you can easily make your plants grow vertically to make it natural for them.

gardeningVertical gardening is similar to hydroponics. The roots of the plants have fibrous materials where you can add nutrients and water.

One great thing that gardeners love about vertical gardening is that you can do it indoor or outdoor. Here are some tips you will need in order to begin your vertical gardening:

Consider the location

Plants need enough sunlight and shade in order to grow healthy. Using hooks, you can place your plants in areas where it can receive sunlight.

It is essential that before you choose your plants, you have to research factors such as how much sunlight they need, how much water and what type of soil they need for growth. You should have the knowledge on how to treat each plant properly.

Weigh your Plants

This is essential since you need frames, supports and hooks in order to keep your vertical garden up. If you mix heavy plants with weaker ones then there is a possibility that your garden will be damaged.

Make sure to create a separate structure on heavy plants and then use supports for weaker ones. You can make use of trellises and stakes in order to shape your plants or train them to grow.

Proper Care for your Plants

Proper care is really essential to make your plant grow healthy, so make sure to consider the factors such as:

  • Temperature – Each plant requires certain temperature in order to grow so make sure to avoid exposing them to too much cold, heat or water. Make sure you know the weather in your area in order to prepare your plants for what is coming.
  • Water – Vertical gardening needs more water than a traditional gardening so make sure that your plants get the amount of water they need for survival. But be careful not to overdo it.
  • Soil – Soil in your garden should be in good condition and must be able to maintain moisture. In order to achieve this, you can use mulch to keep your soil capable of giving nutrients to your plants.

Keep your Plants Pests-Free

Pests are known for their destructive ability on plants so make sure to build your structure from materials that don’t attract termites or other pests. Cedar material is ideal to avoid pests’ attacks.

Vertical gardening is a brand new way to make use of your green thumb ability even if you live in an urban area. With knowledge and by providing the right care, your plants will surely survive even in a small space.