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Keep your Garden Weed-Free Organically

Weeds are the well-known enemy of gardeners taking the moisture and nutrients from the plants. They hinder plant growth and ruin your garden. They spread diseases and invite insects and pests.

There are several ways to deal with weeds. However, you should consider some factors before implementing the methods.

There are chemicals solutions available in the market but using them might risk the health of your plants. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly and effective ways to eliminate those weeds in your organic garden. It is an inexpensive, easy and natural way to remove or prevent the growth of weeds.

You can get rid of the weeds by pulling them out but it could take the entire day just to remove them from your plants. It is also inconvenient to just pull them out because the weeds will still be persistent to grow.

Weeds grow in area where there are sufficient nutrients which is why they most likely invade your organic garden. They can easily be a competitor for your young plants which could be a threat to your plants’ growth and development.  So here are some all-natural ways to prevent and kill weeds:


Mulch is used by most gardeners to retain moisture in the soil especially during drought and winter days. Another use of much is the prevention of weeds. This blocks the sunlight that is necessary for weeds to spread rapidly. You can make use of leaves, comfrey, shredded bark, grass clippings and hay as mulch in order to control or prevent the growth of weeds.

You can easily put it around your plant, transfer or store it for your convenience. Not only does it control the weeds, it also make your plants healthy as they are used as materials in compost.


One household solution to your weed problem is vinegar. Yes you read it right, vinegar. Vinegar which you usually use in your recipe and as cleaning solution in your home.

Vinegar has acetic acid that can easily eliminate the weeds. However, vinegar only has five percent acetic acid which is relatively low, so you must repeatedly apply it on the weeds to completely eliminate them.

The higher the acetic acid is, the more effective it is to kill the weeds. This is one way you can easily get rid of the weeds in a natural way.

Yes vinegar is an organic weed killer but it can still harm your plants when not properly applied. So make use of a brush to accurately apply vinegar to the weeds and not on plants.

You can also make use of spray. Make sure to spray it on close proximity so even a weak wind can’t change the direction of your spraying.

Soil Solarization

This is another effective and organic way to get rid of the weeds. However, it only takes effect in places where there is constant warm temperature and more than enough sunlight. In soil solarization, you make use of plastic tarpaulin and cover up the soil for 4-6 weeks but make sure that the soil receives generous amount of sunlight.

The soil will heat up to 125 degrees which is enough to kill the persistent weeds and fungi. It can also release nutrients in the soil, making it fertile and healthy for further growth of your plants.

When you are planting your crops, make sure they are in accurate distance to each other like what is mentioned in the seed package when you buy them in garden stores. This could prevent the weeds from getting in between the plants and rob them of the nutrients.

Weeds can be parasitic at times. They attach themselves to the plants and get all the nutrients needed for plant survival so make sure to get rid of them immediately. This could cause your plants to wilt or worse, die.

Chemical solutions may be very effective in killing the weeds but it is harmful not only to the health of your plant, but to you and your family’s health as well. Make sure to stick with organic methods – they are safe and effective.

Make sure to look out for your yard for any infestation and invasion of these weeds because they will greatly affect your garden. Always check if your plants are still in good condition after you have applied weed killers, make use of all-natural methods and follow the tips above. Once you do, you will surely have a weed-free, healthy garden.