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How is Gardening Healthy for Your Body?

Today, we live in a society that becomes increasingly difficult to get a regular exercise and get moving. The jobs we have make us just sit in front of our computer or desk for 8 long hours. Our leisure time such as TV, games and movie, also make us sit or lay down for long periods of time.

We have to be health-conscious. We have to find ways to get our muscles and bones moving, and there is one activity we should consider – gardening.

Gardening is a hobby that almost anybody can enjoy. From children to our grandparents, gardening is fun and it lets your creativity work. Yes, companies are offering landscape maintenance and designing landscape, but some homeowners want simple tasks such as pulling off weeds or cleaning up yard wastes themselves.

Get Your Bones Stronger

Osteoporosis or porous bones is a popular and extremely dangerous bone condition. The level of the bone mineral density lowers which results to greater chance of bone fractures, even if the patient hasn’t got injury.

Exercise as well as gardening plays a vital role in reducing the chance of getting osteoporosis. A study conducted of University of Arkansas, talks about women above 50 had been found to have reduced rates, especially the ones who are engaged in gardening. The moving around and lifting of things around the garden allow your muscles and bones to work, making them stronger.

Calories are Burned

If you are about 8 kilograms, and you spend almost 30 minutes of your time moving around the garden, you are actually burning enough calories that also serves as your energy. The burning of calories will also help you lose weight.

Thirty minutes of manually cutting the shrubs will actually burn 180 calories. When you are making compost or just digging, you increase the calories burnt to 250.

Gardening offers you varying levels of exercises, from strenuous to vigorous from easy going and light. Gardening offers different types and levels appropriate to any age. Some old people tend to retire and turn their time to gardening.  Yes, this is definitely true and they chose gardening as a good hobby because it helps them relax. This will allow gentle but effective exercise to elders.

Keep Your Mobility and Flexibility

Gardening is such a slow activity but it is very effective in improving one’s mobility and flexibility. Gardening tasks as mentioned above will allow you to strain, squat, stretch and bend. This depends on activity you are working on. You could be working close to ground, digging treatments to the soil, or you are stretching up to the canopy trees.

Gardening will keep active but can be overstraining for some. So consider stretching out before you start your tasks in your garden. It is like warming-up for athletes before they start playing sports. Gardening improves your flexibility but you can overstrain yourself if you are not careful.

Stop wasting your time watching movies or playing your video games (they can be boring at times). Gardening lets the user to be more active about their lifestyle and also let them live longer. Gardening does not only offer regular exercise to people but also provides vegetables and fruits for the family’s health.