Gardening 101 with Aquatic Plants

Water gardening is a popular trend in gardening today. It gives that relaxing effect to its owner and can also be a great hobby. It could also enhance your yard which your visitors will surely love. So here are some tips on how to build your water garden and how to incorporate it to your outdoor space:

Water-Sealed Container

gardeningThe container for your water garden should be tightly sealed in order to hold water. It would be wise if the container does not function as a fountain. Ceramic pots can be an ideal choice but a whiskey-barrel design would be better.

You can have a plastic linear inside of it to hold water. This design has the rustic appearance that works well in improving your outdoor space.

The wider the water surface area of a container, the more aquatic plants you can place. So make sure to group a lot of containers all together to hold a lot of water plants and to make a pleasing style for your water garden.

Choose your Water Plants

Your container should be designed according to your water plants. How you arrange your plants in your container is also how you should arrange your plants in your garden. Make sure to be creative in making your water garden attractive.

You can group plants that have different colors, textures and appeal. You can also select plants according to sizes and shapes. Make sure to research on each of the plant.

Add fish

To make you water garden interesting, add some fish. This will create an ecosystem that balances the give and take relationship of plants and animals. This will also create the splashing sound so mosquitoes will not make your water garden their home.

The cleaning of the container is quite easy but since the plants do the cleaning, then you don’t have to do it twice a week. Just make sure the volume of water is enough to hold fish such as goldfish which needs at least 20 gallons of water. Make sure to watch over the levels of the water because it will probably evaporate because of the heat.

You can also make use of small water structures such as stones, miniature pirate ships and mermaid structures to add style to your garden.Water gardening is truly a great way to use your green thumb ability on water. Make sure to research well on plants, animals and containers you will use in order to make your water garden a success.

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