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DIY: Homemade Organic Pesticides for Your Garden

Homemade Pesticides

Organic farming includes the use of organic pesticides – those that are not chemically-prepared. It is the one of the key elements of organic farming. This comes hand in hand with the use of other natural products like organic herbicides, organic fertilizers and more.

The best thing about the use of organic pesticides is that it comes from nature and is not harmful to human and animal health when consumed, and is not harmful to the soil as well. Unlike artificially-prepared or chemical-based pesticides, it comes from nature itself. It is also as effective as chemical pesticides when used and prepared correctly.

You can actually make your own organic pesticides at home. This will save you money and you will be guaranteed that it has the right mixture or the things you need. You can also use teach other farmers and promote organic farming in your community.

Organic pesticides are proven to promote safety and preserve the health of your plants against harmful insects and pests that bring various plant diseases without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides. You can also ensure the health of your family when they eat the vegetables you have harvested in your garden.

Here are a few DIY tips to make your own version of organic pesticides that are guaranteed to work:


You can start making your own organic pesticides by the use of garlic. 10-15 cloves of garlic will do the trick in making your safe and environment-friendly pesticide. Put it in your blender or food processor and chop it finely, then place it inside a glass jar with cover. Add up about ¼ cup of mineral oil and let it sit for about 8-10 hours.


After 8-10 hours of waiting, put back your mineral oil and garlic mixture to the blender or food processor and add some water into it. 2-3 cups of water is enough to make your mixture. Emulsify the mixture.


Peppers are known to be an effective irritant – this is the reason why we have pepper sprays. Ouch! Pound or mince until the peppers are liquefied. After that, add up pepper in your emulsified solution. This will discourage animals from eating your plants and vegetables because it is very spicy and irritating most especially to the eyes and nose.


Vinegar will make your mixture acidic and pests do not like this. Blend in vinegar to your mixture until mixed well. When this solution with vinegar is used, it makes the soil slightly acidic which discourages pests to lay eggs in it and also kills the pests.


Just like using chemical pesticides, you can put your mixture into a clean spray. Be sure to shake your mixture well before you use it. This will ensure you that the mixture is still as effective as it should be because some parts and ingredients of the mixture may settle down as time passes. Shaking the mixture will retain its efficacy.
I hope that these tips I shared with you will help you in your journey to organic gardening. You can now be assured that what you and your family eats are healthy and not sprayed with harmful chemical pesticides. You can also make sure that your garden will grow healthy and be safe from pests or insects that may cause plant diseases.

Organic pesticides are the best way to ensure that your family is having a safe meal. You can also enjoy the pleasure or having a great garden and a fruitful produce. Enjoy your garden the organic way – the healthy and natural way!