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DIY Guide to Garden and Landscape Lighting

garden lighting

A well-made and maintained garden or landscape is a beautiful sight to see – but not in the dark. The best thing to be done when you have this problem is simple – you just need to install proper lighting. But with gardening or landscaping, installing and putting up lights should be done with creativity and style.

When we install lights in our garden landscape, it should be done appropriately to create a more wonderful scene. Adding lights improve the view of your garden or landscape and add a touch of drama. This will make your garden or landscape even more beautiful to watch at night because of the lights that gives it a more dramatic feeling, and highlighting the features that need to be highlighted.

Light installation in your landscape is an easy task. You do not have to hire people to do this stuff because you alone can handle this. All it needs is for you to have the basic ideas when it comes to the correct way of doing it.

I will be chopping down this task of installing and setting up lights in your garden or landscape so that it will be easier for you to do it. This will also enable you to do this task all by yourself. Yes, you alone will be able to do this lighting job and improve your garden or landscape view at night.

Be sure to practice safety at all times when doing this task. After securing everything and getting ready with the correct tools, you are good to go. Here’s how you should do it:

LED Lights

LED lights are a little more expensive when compared to other types of light bulbs but you can save more using them because it lasts longer compared to the latter. Also, be sure to use low-voltage lights to be able to conserve electricity and not inflate your electric bills.

Light up What Should Be Highlighted

The key in the correct installation of lights to your garden or landscape is simple – when you have focal points, highlight them. Points of focus in a garden or landscape are those that have high impact when seen by people. These are also considered as the “main attraction” in your landscape like ponds, fountains, etc.

walkway lighting

Pathways and Walkways

The purpose of installing lights to your garden is not just for beautification and addition of “drama” alone, it is also for safety purposes. Light up the walkways and pathways to your garden or landscape using lights that are softer compared to the lights in your focal points. Safety and drama rolled into one!

If in Doubt, Call an Electrician

If you have doubts with your work, it’s best to ask assistance from a licensed electrician to have your lighting checked and secured.