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Slope-Fistication: Hillside Landscaping

hillside landscaping

Not everyone has or can find a house with a plain, flat land area or lawn. Some home are located in areas with slopes or at hillsides and beautifying or improving that piece of land is quite a problem. Slopes in the yard are also the problems for gardeners because of issues associated with it.

But there is always hope in making your view beautiful. With the help of creative ideas and hard work, there are no slopes too steep for you to create a living art. Hillside modification is the answer to that!

Issues with a Slope-Y

There are issues that gardeners with hilly, sloping land area or yard are trying to deal with. These issues are the main reason why modifying and landscaping hillside areas are quite a difficult job to do. These issues are commonly associated with the health and growth of the plants that are placed or planted in it.


Because of the slope, water is being drained out from the soil by the pull of gravity. Water is needed by plants in order to survive, grow and reproduce and without water, plants will not be able to do these. The lack of enough water or ability of the soil to hold and retain moisture is the main reason why gardening and landscaping is difficult in the hillside compared to the flat areas.


This is the process wherein soil and rocks are removed from the surface of the Earth, particularly the top soil, and is transported or deposited in other locations. Erosion is caused mainly by wind and water flow.  Hillsides and sloping lands are prone to erosion because of the soil type or lack of plant roots that can hold the soil in place.

Nothing is Impossible

As I have mentioned earlier, there is still hope when it comes to landscaping in the hillside. You must always remember to counter the things that hinder you from making the sloping area in your yard beautiful. Soil erosion and water drainage are the main reason why most people are discouraged in landscaping it.

Here are a few tips on how to solve these problems:

Choose Your Plants

There are plants that can withstand little amount of water but are also good and appealing to the eyes. Shrubs are good plants to plant on hillsides. It can also help with water retention and erosion because its roots can hold both the soil and water.

Build Walls

Walls are also good in retaining the soil by blocking it from going down, thus solving the issue with erosion.


Terracing might sound so intensive when it comes to labor but through this, you can solve greater erosion problem and will make your hilly land area easier to walk on.

Never Leave a Hillside Barren

It is best to plant plants in hillsides because a barren land, especially those that have steep slopes, hastens the process of erosion. Covering the hillside with plants is still one of the best ways to prevent soil from being eroded.