Ultimate Soil-ution: Compost


Whenever problems regarding soil arise -may it be having clay soil type, sandy soil or soil fertility and inadequate soil nutrients- there stands one ultimate and most recommended solution, compost.

The compost is also known as organic matter. Compost is the decayed or decomposed organic matter or remains of once-living organisms like plants and animals. It can also be define as the mixture of various organic substances that has gone through decomposition. Compost is the key ingredient in the practice of inorganic farming or farming without the use of anything that is inorganic or chemical in nature. When compost or organic matter is fully or has undergone or have gone through full decomposition process, it is called humus.

The Problem Solving Compost

Compost is the number one solution when it comes to problems regarding the soil. It has various uses and it gives wonderful effects on the soil and can make or has the potential to make soil healthy. It has also effects on plant’s healthy growth and is guaranteed to have no side effects because it is “organic”.

Here are a few ideas on what compost is used for:

  • Fertilizer. If you want to make your soil healthy and filled with nutrients, for your plants to grow in a convenient and cheap method, use compost! It is guaranteed to improve soil fertility and increase nutrients in the soil, making it healthy and very manageable. You can buy compost in organic farming centers or you can avail it for free by making your own composting pit in your backyard.
  • Management of Sandy Soil. If you are having trouble with having sandy soil in your garden because it cannot hold on to water and the plants that can thrive well in your garden are cactus, the best thing to use is compost. Compost increases the soil’s capability to hold on water. You just need to mix compost to your sandy soil well and voila! problem is solved.
  • Say Goodbye to Clay Soil. Compost is not just used in the management of sandy type of soil but is also used in dealing with clay soil. The problem with clay soil is the exact opposite of having sandy soil, it holds on to water too much. The idea of mixing or applying compost with clay soil is that it pushes apart the particles of clay and creates a gap in between them and will improve water drainage in the process.

It is truly important to make sure that you use soil which will keep your plants healthy and beautiful but keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money. There are cheap or even free solutions to your gardening needs like compost. Give it a try and you might find out that going organic is a wise move after all.

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